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Family Wellness Chiropractor in Melbourne, Dr. Jim Skivalidas | Call 9646 8600

Although chiropractic care can be effective in pain relief - receiving wellness chiropractic can be rewarding.


Regular chiropractic adjustments continue to remove interferences to your spine - hence allowing your muscles and organs to experience the benefit of a free flowing and nurturing nerve supply from the brain.  


Your inital part of your chiropractic may require more frequent sessions (2 sessions per week) until your ligaments and tendons around your spine stablise. As your muscles hold stronger and more balanced positions and your nervous system expresses vital signals more freely - the result tends to be a happier, more energetic and pain free individual.


Regular chiropractic care - encouraged with proper nutrition, sleep awareness and postural activity is a formula for health success, both for today and the years to come.


How often do you get adjusted? Have your experienced the benefits of wellness chiropractic?



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