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Clarendon Family Chiropractic - Port Melbourne

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Practitioners at our Family Wellness Chiropractic Melbourne - Port Melbourne, Clinic

Jim, family wellness chiropractor melbourne focuses on pediatric and family chiropractic care and also combines holistic work with nutrition and kinesiology. He practices gentle chiropractic care with a great emphasis on family chiropractic care. Please visit www.jimskivalidas.com.au for more information.



Family Chiropractic Clinic Hours

Monday 9 - 5pm

Tuesday 7.30 am - 7pm

Wednesday by appointment

Thursday 7.30 am - 7pm

Friday 8 am - 6pm

Saturday 8 - 12 am

Family Chiropractic Doctors,


Jim Skivalidas (principal)


Massage Therapist

Paul Malcolm



Jim Skivalidas

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