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Chiropractic for children, babies at Port Melbourne Family Chiropractic Centre focussing on musculoskeletal issues | Call 9646 8600

Providing chiropractic for children is something that the chiropractors at our family chiropractic centre are blessed and honored to do. Many practitioners have completed post graduate seminars and schooling.


The Birth Process is one of the first major physical forces a child must cope with in life. It may contribute to the subluxation process.


Through our unique approach, the practitioners at Clarendon Family Chiropractic may be able to provide benefit to some babies and children (and may reduce the severity of symptoms)


- Colic

- Cold/flu and ear infection sufferer

- Asthmatic child

- Bad posture

- Adhd


Our chiropractic techniques are gentler and low force as many parents, family and friends request chiropractic for children and babies at our family chiropractic centre because of low force chiropractic reputation.




Our health care approach to babies and children is

- Holistic. We provide advice around diet, nutrition, naturopathic supplements, sleep habits and posture, sleep beds and pillows, back pack postural advice, standing and shoe advice and exercise, alignment and stretching.

- Complimentary. We believe our approach compliments the childs medical care and advice. If it is necessary with will refer to the family's family doctor.

- Integrative. We love to work with other health care practitioners, be it a pediatric physiotherapist, dentist etc. and educating the parents to be proactively involved in the childs health care program.

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