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Looking for back pain relief, melbourne sufferers?

Ask Family Wellness Chiropractor Melbourne, Dr. Jim

Understand the bigger picture of chiropractic. So much much more than back pain chiropractic. Family chiropractic care embraces the wholistic effect of a chiropractic adjusment and the long term organ benefits.


Yes it can be quite effective when chiropractic adjustments re-align vertebrae and help the nervous system to send uninterrupted signals to all the muscles and organs. This is what allows us to function and heal better. Yes chiropractic care may help you if you have neck pain, or headaches or knee pain. Those muscle/bone/ligament type injuries and discomforts. However it is more than that...


Family chiropractic care lookss at helping children with asthma, bedwetting, adhd, ear infections and colic as well as be part of a health care professional team to better manage the multiple sclerosis, parkinsons, diabetes, fibromyalgia, post surgery cases as well as other type of conditions.


Chiropractic is not a cure for the body - but a powerful natural health care approach that focuses on the relationship of your spine (and alignment) to nervous system and bodily function - with great results.


Don't you want to function better? Do you want your partner or children to experience family chiropractic?

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