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Dr. Jim, baby chiropractic practitioner has moved with his team to Port Melbourne serving the local community and workers with gentle chiropractic care.


Baby chiropractic is a growing field in chiropractic care - and chiropractic care is the largest natural health care profession in the world. The benefit of a baby chiropractic adjustment on your baby may have many benefits. From helping enhance the physical growth and development of the spine and body as well as potentially helping you baby that may suffer from colic, sleepless nights and reflux or colds. The relationship between the spine and your nervous system is unique - and  baby chiropractic serves to manage the positive effect this has on healing and function of a growing baby


Subluxation (bones that are 'out of place') interfere with ability the nervous system has in expressing health and our role in baby chiropractic care is to remove and correct your subluxations.


You will discover that the practitioners at Melbourne Chiro & Bedding Clinic (previously Clarendon Family Chiropractic) provide:


- Gentle Low Force Baby Chiropractic, that is safe enough for

- Children (including babies) as well as your entire family


Baby chiropractic adjustments have shown that it may be successful in relieving colic, reflux, sleepless nights as well as provide maximum growing alignment. This is the primary approach taken by our Baby Chriopractic clinicians at the Melbourne Chiro & Bedding Clinicc

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